April Favorites 

Next is May (which is my birthday month!!), so I have to do my April Favorites. 

☆   Music: One of my favorite bands Pentatonix has put out a new album called Imagine, I’m loving their remake of Bohemian Rhapsody and Take on me. You should check it out, highly recommend.

☆   Apps: Now this app is wildly common but I love looking at places on Google Earth. Everyone knows what it is so I won’t go into detail. 

☆   Events: I got to do Alabama University’s A-Day Game the other weekend. It was amazing!! White team won the game. We had our yearly Marching Band Meeting and me an my friend Laney both got Section Leader; we will be a small section with flutes and clarinets! So happy I get to work with her along with my section.

Sorry there is not much going on this month, hopefully May will be more exciting.  

☆   Picture of the Month:

Mother’s Flowers

So earlier this week, I had a clinic appointment; the only problem was I had to be their at 6 in the morning (I live an hour away from that doctor) and my sister, Lily, had to be at school. My dad works night shift so he couldn’t bring her, do we could only ask one more person, my grandparents. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Why can’t she just go with y’all?”, mom told her she had to go to school, plus she had perfect attendance. My grandparents said she could spend the night and they’d bring her to school there next morning. Since my grandparents just got back from vacation and we’re tired from their trip we decided to treat my grandmother by getting her son flowers. She loved them!! A simple act of kindness can go a long way, plus she’s helped us so much. 

March Favorites

  • Since it’s now April and March has come to an end, it’s time for me to list my March Favorites and my Picture of the Month. If you are new to my blog please follow and enjoy 🙂

    ☆  TV Show: While I was searching in the depths of Netflix, I found a show that was made in 2008 called Merlin. It’s about Arthur’s servant Merlin and how he must keep this big secret from the kingdom of Camelot (I’ll let you watch it to find out the secret). They battle all kinds of mithical creatures and more. The characters are surely loveable and you’ll be pulled into the storyline emidiately.

    ☆  Music: I’ve only gotten into this band recently, but The 1975 is a great and enjoyable band. I haven’t gotten the time recently to REALLY listen to them but I hope I’ll have time in the future.

    ☆  Books: I haven’t read this series/book but I’ve wanted to for a while now. Miss Perigrens Home for Peculier Children sounds like and amazing book. I ‘ve watched to movie adabtaion of it and it was superb.

    ☆  Apps: I’ve played with this app for a while now but haven’t mentioned it.  Polyvore is an app where you can mix and match outfits that are on sale in stores or online, its highly addictive if you ask me.

    ☆  Events: A few weeks back I put up a picture titled: Close-up Cactus. That was taken while I was in Troy, they had their 10th annual Clarinet Day. It was a fun expieriance and I learned alot while in Troy. My favorite song of mine that we played was The Pink Panther.

    ☆  Picture of the Month:

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