Sick? πŸ€’ Update

I felt even worse when I woke up this morning so I went to the doctor. They tested me for Strep, Mono, and the Flu. The test came back negative for all three of the tests. The doctor said I may have a small infection and that I should stay home for the rest of the week. Tomorrow I have to try out for my local county’s honor band (for chair placement) but since I’m not feeling well, I will not be able to attend. πŸ™ 

Sick? πŸ€’

Ok, so I’m not sick but most of my school has the flu and I’m showing early signs of it. Hopefully I don’t have the flu. Since I wasn’t at school today I have to miss a performance today. M in my schools Band and I was one of around 20 to play at the game.πŸ™ Hopefully I’m not sick and can go to school tomorrow.